Commercial Property Owners and Managers

Our City Forest wants to help your business achieve sustainable goals, while saving you time and money! If your commercial property falls in this green highlighted area, please contact us right away - we have a tree planting grant that you should take advantage of.

Click the image to see the interactive map (opens in new window).

Click the image to see the interactive map (opens in new window).

If your property falls in the green boundary: 

  • Receive wholesale prices on 15-gallon shade trees.  

  • Receive tree monitoring services for first 3 years.

  • If more than 10 trees are ordered, they can deliver and plant for free.

You just agree that the tree(s) will be cared for by filling out an application:

If you’re business is interested in seeing a return on investment, then plant a tree and literally watch the value grow!

  • Trees are one of the few assets that increase in value as they age.

  • Along with other landscaping, trees can increase your property value by 15-20%!

  • Planted in the right place, trees could help your business save 20-50% on gas & electric bills.

  • Trees are stormwater managers - they help with runoff and capture water with their roots to return to the ground rather than puddle up.

  • Trees reduce traffic speed if planted along roads and parking lots.

Contact Briana with any questions: 408-998-7337 x 113 or email your application to today and we'll follow up with the next steps.