The City of Saratoga is pleased to announce a program to encourage the planting of 2,020 trees by the year 2020. 

In support of this effort, the City will contribute funds to this program to supplement the cost of planting a new tree. This program has been designed to reinvigorate the community at very low cost to the homeowner. Each property owner can apply for up to two street trees (15-gallon size). Trees must be planted in the front yard of the property and be chosen from the list of approved trees that can be found below. All ordering logistics, planting and code compliance will be handled for you – you agree to be responsible for the tree for its lifetime.

How to get your tree(s):

Step 1: 

• Fill out Tree Stewardship Application and send to

• Indicate tree choice(s) from the approved Available Species List - or ask for tree selection assistance

Step 2:

• Our City Forest will consult with you regarding your tree selection and planting location

Step 3: 

• Our City Forest will plant your tree and provide 3 years of annual basic young tree care

• You pay $95 per tree

Pay Here


Please contact our community planting team at or call 408-998-7337 x 124